Slow Modem? Reset It First

Well I have Shaw 150 and normally I average about 175 down and 18 up (on WiFi - and a bit faster wired). But now and then the modem just needs a bit of a poke. Seems every modem I've ever had is the same, if you leave it on too long it starts to not work right. So I power cycled it and it was instantly back up to speed.

As well my Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to after about 2 weeks of being on all the time constantly drop WiFi for a second or 2. Once again a reset will fix this and it works fine after that.

Nothing strange about either of these things, it's typical of both kinds of device. The thing is they both stared into it at the exact same time this time around.

The ting I like about the phone needing to be cycled is that eventually it will vanish an icon or two from the launcher if I leave it too long. At first I thought there was something going horribly wrong, but figured it out soon enough. Never had that happen on anything but Nova Launcher (and I love Nova).

In any event before you Tweet tech or wait 2 1/2 hours to get someone on the phone, just try to unplug, wait 5 seconds and plug it back in and/or power down then turn on the device.


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