Both a friend and I have seen the same strange thing happen at different times in different houses. That is to say we where at a friends (different places - remember that) and watching a movie while our friends wife was having a bath. The cat accidentally brushes against a lit candle in the bath and lights it's tale on fire and runs for it. The wife runs after the cat naked dripping water to save it. Now this is strange enough to happen to just one of us - but to both of us in different homes with different people at different times is actually amazing.

When I was 17 I had the entire interior of my car covered with funky fur. Well I had to give Dad a ride to work one day and there was 1 red pube sticking out of all that white fur. He spots it and pulls it out and looks at me and says "Good boy, don't tell your Mom".

In the same week I dated a Girl and her Mom. I had no idea they where related until I asked the older one "do you know so and so" and they said "yes she is my daughter".

I was on a "free dating site" and got 8 dates in 7 days so it was kind of good for finding women. The only thing is, they where all clinically crazy. One of then claimed to be a prophet of God and another one asked me to marry her within 20 seconds of sitting down. Another one was literally pulling bits of hair out. You get the point I think.

One time I was hurtling along a gravel road at 80 MPH and came to a hill. The top of the hill had a turn off into a farm yard and I thought it was a bend in the road and I was going to fly into the ditch and die. Well I came down the other side of the road and realized I was not dead. I came sliding to a stop and got out of the car and yelled "THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME". Here is where it gets strange... There was a group of around 25 people having a picnic in the grass only about 50 feet from the road. Well it was a church youth group and they all got up and started to cheer. I just got in the car and drove off.

In the late 1980's I had a car that was identical to another mans car down to the fact the same marker light was broken on it. Well this man was named "Mike" and looked exactly like I did - not even kidding we where identical and had the exact same car. For years people had called me Mike and I had no idea why, then I met him in a store. I said to him "You must be Mike" and he said back "You must be Dave". We talked for a bit and ended up in the parking lot where he saw we had identical cars. We where bot put aback by that one.


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