Ordered this months food from Real Canadian Superstore online. It is easy as hell to do but I did NOT expect the credit card hold to be %25 more than what the page said it would be. This is to cover the cost of substitutions if needed or items sold be weight, so it makes sense. I found it easy to use and and edited the list on my phone later - so the Mobil version was easy to use as well.
 It came out to $119.76 on the button. They had everything and they did not have to make up with more expensive products at all. So it all worked out perfect. Normally for the same stuff at Co-op I paid around $160 to $180. So I saved $40 to $60 on my order. The first month of bring it out to your car service was free with a code.
 If you set your profile to get texts (not the default, you have to login and change it), then you get a text that your stuff is ready and when you can come get it. You select a time frame in advance on the web page for pickup. I ordered it on Wed. and picked up on Fri. You go and park in the spots that are just for the pickup and call the number and the come out and load it in your car. For $3 this is great, you don't have to go in and shop and it's loaded in the car for you. Well worth it to me being disabled and it being hard on me to stand in line for a long time to pay and then bag my own stuff.
Here is my order - yup LOTS of cans. The salt content seems to be not bad so it's all good. I am on a special diet called the bean diet. You eat beans for protein and LOTS of them. I cook up 2 large cans of beans and a large can of Tomatoes with 2 cups of frozen veggies (in the bags) for every day - it makes 3 meals. Yes it's very dull to eat the same time over and over every day for years on end - but it's worked when I stuck to the plan. On Fridays I do the cheat and get something in that is NOT beans - This month it's going to be pulled pork subs. Most of the time it's pizza. I do tend to spice up the batches a bit different for each day I make, this keeps it less dull LOL. I also hit the beans with hot sauce to make it more lively. In any event, the service works well for me and I'll be doing it from now on even though I have to handle the items myself getting them into the apartment and that does cause me some pain - but the saving is worth it to say the least.


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