Missley Squishy Toy (Dick Man)

I've never seen this happen before on Amazon. I wanted to review the stuff I last got and this came up. I have to wonder if they caught them cheating and putting in their own reviews?

I like the toys and in the future might get the boob stress toy as well. They did have a bunch of toys that looked fun.

So this little fellow sits by my TV watching chair and I play with him now and then. Yup sitting in my chair playing with a squishy dick. How can life get better then that?

Took like 6 weeks past the dew date to show up BTW but yeah. I like it. I honestly thought it was lost in the mail it took so long so I emailed them and they asked if I wanted a refund or to resend the toy. I told them to resend it - so I'll have a second dick sooner or later LOL.

BTW I was going to give it 5 stars - You have no idea how fun this thing is to me. And it's very stretchy and squishy. Great stress toy. It sort of sticks to the table as well. It did leave a mark on the end table.


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