1.     Friends.
2.     My home.
3.     My cardiologist.
4.     My great country (Canada).
5.     The city of Moose Jaw as it’s so nice here.
6.     Free health care even if it is frustrating as hell some days.
7.     Social safety nets.
8.     That had had a great family for the most part.
9.     Good education system that done learned me things.
10. The internet that allows me to share things and talk to people.
11. That I was raised to be a kind and giving person.
12. That people are always there when I need a helping hand.
13. The ability to create art, even if I am just mildly good at it.
14. A belief system that comforts me when I need it.
15. Friends who are always there to talk to when I need them.
16. The ability to go out for coffee with my friends.
17. Pusheen the cat – she has made my life better in many ways.
18. The ability to have Cable TV and steaming services to entertain me.
19. The ability to move past hurtful or angering situations.
20. My medication that keeps me from being crazy and keeps me healthy.
21. My smart devices that are so much fun to use and so useful for finding information.
22. The ability to eat out or order in occasionally.
23. That I was allowed to be a free-range kid.
24. That where I live is relatively safe and friendly.
25. The diversity of my friends who show me so many ways to look at the world.
26. Freedom of and from religion.
27. The ability to read.
28. A warm and comfortable bed to sleep in.
29. This sounds strange, but chronic pain. It’s made me a way better person over the years
30. Freedom of speech – yes we get hurt by this now and then but we don’t get jailed for saying the government sucks.


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