The price of this is low actually but not as low as Alberta Premium for example and that is a lot better tasting than the VO is. This was a very light taste to it but very little bite so it's a good mixer.

The thing is, I like to drink it alone with nothing in it - not even ice. So I like something with a bit of taste to it. For the price I expected it to at least taste a bit stronger.

That being said, there is a hint of caramel in it and an after taste slightly like tar (not unpleasant though).

If you want to sip on something and enjoy it, get something else. If you just want to get drunk this is a good one for you and it WILL mix well as it tastes light.

I'm going to give it a 5/10 - it don't suck but won't get it again. BTW This is the stuff my Dad used to drink in the day and he always mixed it. I just remember trying it way back when (I was maybe 13).


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