Well that's the 3rd unwanted and of no fecking use at all notification from Avast today - so like Avira it's uninstalled. Seems you can't get an antivirus for the phone that just does it's job - they all try to get you to turn on all kinds of CRAP you don't need and pay piles of money for the pro version. Avira was like $12 a year I think for pro but Avast wanted $99.

Being that Samsung has a security service installed on it anyway, I won't be bothering trying to fine one that will just do it's job and shut the hell up with the notifications... Hell Avast asked me if I wanted to turn the do not disturb on when I was in a car - NO I DON'T. Avira would hit me with a notification telling me to turn on the charging protection every single fecking time I plugged in the phone - NOT COOL at 3 am to get a notification blasting out of your phone.

So from now on I'll be using the stock security on my phone - you have to go in the settings to go and do a scan and so on, but it's worth it because it don't hit me with 76,000,000 notifications a day.

Honestly I'd be willing to pay $12 a year to have the pro version if it just shut the hell up and did it's job, but they won't. The worst part is, it does it even when they phone is in do not disturb mode - BEEP on comes a loud sound and a dang notification. Sigh.

To be frank, I never click links unless I am sure where it will take me and it's safe. As well, I have ad-blocking on my browser on the phone and tablet. All my apps are only from the app store and if it don't say certified, I don't use it. On the tablet I almost never use the browser, all I do on it is watch videos, type things into note pad and read books (OK puzzle games now and then as well). So don't really need a fancy service to protect it.

On the PC it's the same, I don't click links or go to pages I am not sure of and the apps are all from trusted sources. I never use bit-torrent or bootleg software, so no risk there. I do have a service installed that comes with my cable company package. I'll be switching to a different service sooner or later and will just use Avast on the computer from then on and set it to never give  notifications. If it gives me a bunch of stuff I'll just use the crap that comes with Windows 10. As I say I'm very low risk as I don't go to places or open emails from random people and so on... So ya know.

Sorry for deleting this and re-posting, but format error from hell came up.


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