Goodbye Horses – Psyche
Unveiling the Secret – Psyche
Goodbye Horses (21 Century Immortality Mix) – Psyche
Eternal (7 Inch Mix) – Psyche
The Saint Became a Lush – Psyche
Uncivilized – Psyche
Misery – Psyche
Dreanstreet – Psyche
Youth of Tomorrow (Extended) – Psyche
The Crawler – Psyche
Screamin’ Machine – Psyche
The Brain Collapses (Dance Mix) – Psyche
Damaged Soul – Psyche
Prisoner to Desire – Psyche
Goodbye Horses (Single Mix) – Psyche
15 Minutes (Lights out Edit) – Psyche
The Outsider – Psyche
Tears – Psyche
Salvation Stranger – Psyche
Angel Lies Sleeping (Techno Express Zwei) – Psyche
Thundershowers – Psyche
Eating Violins – Psyche
Maggots – Psyche
Insatiable (Instrumental) – Psyche
Krieg – Psyche
Mr. Eyeball Ooze – Psyche
Love Is a Winter – Psyche
Je T’Aime – Psyche
The Sundial (Hospital Mix) – Psyche
Make No Mistake – Psyche
Waiting for the Stranger – Psyche
Truth or Consequence – Psyche


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