Couple months ago I had hellish looking feet. There was so much dead skin on them it looked like I was falling apart. I had tried about everything I found online to get it off. There where so many things and most of them just a complete waste of money to get the ingredients.

The only thing that worked was scraping it off - literally scraping it. See I have a hard time reaching them due to my disability. So this took days to do and a lot of discomfort. But now when I shower I manage to get at them with a little discomfort and clean them up. I will NOT be having them in that sad state again.

I tried to message some woman that claims to do foot care and was willing to spend some money on this, but to be honest - she never emailed me back. What the in hell is the point of having a contact email when you don't email people back. I checked the spam trap for months looking for a reply and sent several email - nothing.

In any event, now I hit them with a bit of lotion once a week as well to keep them up. I managed to fix most of the cracked skin on the bottom of them with Gold Bond cream (it's a bit much, but worked). Now the lotion I use on my hands and arms I also use on my feet - I get a big ass tub of it for like $12 (lasts me 6 months).

Now when they find my dead body in here after the inevitable dropping dead from a heart attack, they will look at my feet and think "he took care of them feet".


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