So you want me to spend $1K in 2 months so that I might win $1K in points then? With all the people using their credit cards it's also going to me a slim chance in hell I'd get my money back. Then there is the problem of having a limit of $500. LOL. I also never want that to go up so I can't possibly become totally screwed with debt. I do generally spend about $400 a month on the card then pay it off the next month when I get paid. This does actually mean I'm in debt but not by much and I never get dinged for interest as It's paid off on time. I would actually love to come into about $500 so I could pay it off and still be ahead of the game. As it is I'm literally at $0 in the back after bills, rent and credit card most of the time. So if I could pay it off an be ahead I'd be able to stay ahead until the next disaster. That's what happened this time - About 6 or 7 months ago I got hit for a large amount of money I needed to spend (large to me). Then the next 2 months the same thing happened with big unexpected hits. So been in debt ever since. I'm actually hoping I can be LESS in debt after January as it's extra money month. I wanted to be out of the hole but I need some stuff and that is not going to happen, I'll just be less in the hole. BTW if you would like to donate to the get Dave drunk for Christmas and New Years fund - here is a donation link. I'm not about begging for booze (kidding, but a donation would help a lot). Have a good one and keep smiling.


  1. Oh man you are lucky, my lowest limit is 17500, I also have one with 24100 as limit it is constant temptation

    1. I also only make $1088 a month and $423 goes to rent. So any more limit might be an issue.


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