My apartment. I often sit on the chair with no pants on and it's plastic so I put a towel down so I don't end up sealed to the chair. Actually it's to suck up the sweat as this plastic chair makes my but sweat like crazy. You can just see Pusheen by the printer as well with her sunglasses on. Mom Pusheen on the fridge overlooking everything.
 A plant in the common aria of my building. I forget what they are called, but I like it. Our chairs are all pink and the sofa's are all blue to contrast. You can just see the pool table at the left of the image and the shuffleboard is behind me. There are also 3 tables with 4 chairs each to play cards on.
 These chairs are kind of stiff but you can sit in them for a long time and be comfortable. There are 2 just like this in the laundry room but they are a sandy brown colour. I often sit in them for up to an hour at a time listening to podcasts and waiting for my washing to be done.
 This might be TMI, but I've seen a good number of men with no clothing on over the many years I've been alive. I have size 13W shoes. I can tell tell you the comparison of foot size to man bit size is not true as I'm literally on the national average. As well I've seen BIG men with small feet and SMALL men with big feet. But in my case the "big feet big heart" thing is true. Literally it's oversized.
 Me enjoying the hell out of the day and watching movies on Prime for hours.
Ended up drinking about 1/4 of this 26 and then gave the rest away to someone who wanted it a lot more than I did. It was his favourite in the day and now that it's back he wanted some. I just hope he hides it from the home care nurse that comes to see him in the afternoon.


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