This is the page views from my blog (this blog). I've had as much as 5,000+ views but that is rare.

What I find interesting is the number of views being in pairs like this. It's happened for years now. I'll be 50 on one and 50 on the next and so on. In the screen shot there is a prime example of this happening 3 times in a row.

Then after the magic number of 28 days there is typically a jump of at least double the views over night. After that the view count will trickle up like you would expect on a not so popular blog.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why this happens in the first place. I'm sure the jump is them trying to see if you are cheating the system when you put ads on (I obviously don't). But that strange thing for the first few days is just baffling.

I do NOT have a tracker on the blog anymore. I have not for some time. There is no way to track the counts unless you have code in the blog and I don't. No one can just type in the url some place and get statistics. So it can not possibly be someone messing with it.

It also only happens when I post a bunch of them in the same day as I typically do. When I post one then another the next day this pairing never happens. BTW the jump after 28 days has been as much as 400 more views (again not common).

Makes you want to trust how they do tracking enough to pay them to track your business don't it?

P.S. Been getting about 10K views a month on my blog for 5 years. The all time total is "329,054 views" - how the hell does that work?


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