I have a medication that does some strange stuff to me. It gives me shaky hands, headaches, brain fog (mild) and several other less bothersome side effects. I desire to keep taking it because it stands between me and soul crushing depression. I tried to get off it but when the dose was cut in half (took months) I went into depression again - so I'm staying on it. The side effects are worth it.

Now for 2 years I been complaining that I'm freezing cold than an hour later cooking hot. The temperature in my apartment is steady the entire time. Well I been to the doctor several times over this and she has run a pile of tests on me including hormone tests, and found nothing wrong that would cause it.

Well I just looked up that same medication on a whim. Well I changed from the 1 a day to the twice a day kind of the same medication. Seems the difference is the uncommon side effect of your body not being able to regulate it's temperature well.

So I been recording my body temperature for days. Turns out when I'm cold it's dropped a bit over 2 degrees from my normal. When I'm hot (you guessed it) it's up a bit over 2 degrees from my normal.

So well dang. I'm kind of amazed my doctor did not figure it was a medication thing. I guess she did not think of it first as it's "uncommon".

Now there is also this smell of copper when I poop. I've had it for several years and it coincides with a medication I take for my heart. It has been around about as long as I been taking the medication. Guess what? Uncommon side effect is metallic smell to poop.

Being that a copper smell to your poop can indicate you are bleeding inside, I had my poop tested once it started and nothing was found. There was one time it did test positive for blood and I had to get a scope up my butt and everything was normal (for me).

We get tested here in Saskatchewan every 2 years when you are over 50 for the blood in your poop thing as it can indicate cancer. The send you a package in the mail and you send them your sample.

I've literally had 2 that way, one at 50 and one at 52 (this year). The other 3 times I was tested the doctor gave me a kit.

BTW my CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is made worse by the one med, but only slightly (thank God). I am lucky it's not as pronounced as some people I know. When they flair it can be for months and they literally have a hard time getting to the bathroom or feeding themselves. So I am very lucky with it.

In any event - I'm off to look up the rest of my meds - just because.


  1. Another one makes me permanently hungry even after I just ate. So yeah there side effects.


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