OK here is the deal, this is 49.8 years (and 23 hours). So I was like 4 when I posted the freaking video then was I? Not to mention the internet did not exist in it's modern form yet, let alone freaking YouTube.

Than again YouTube is not very good at math it seems. I fire up my Studio app and it will say 1142 Subscribers - the next tome (same day) 1138 - 20 minutes later 1143 - the entire time the YouTube app my channel say 1137. I go to my page in the browser and it say 1141. Ya know... I'm kind of sure people are not subbing and unsubbing that fast.

Ever notice gaps in statistics? Yeah, I don't really go them - but there are spots missing from the timeline now and then - normally a 2 days span where it just stops recording things I guess.

For all the people that work for them and all the fancy code, you would expect a simple thing like a counter to work. But then again if like me, you have thousands of videos - good luck seeing them all in your list in the Studio app or web page - you get so far back them POOF it can't display them anymore.

The strange thing is, if you search for those very old videos, they come up, yet you can't edit the info on them for some reason. Go figure.


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