OK this topic came up the other day and I was reminded it when a friend talked about choice VS social pressure. To be honest there is no accurate data sets for this topic and it's the best guess of someone who thinks it's the job to find trends. But it's an interesting topic for dialog. Please be respectful to others rights in your comments.

There has been several cases talked about where a child decided to be the opposite gender of what they where born as. They felt that is what they where and where allowed to present themselves as that gender. Later on (in some cases after puberty) they switched back to presenting as their biological gender.

There have also been cases where people as adults chose to transition then several years after having gender reassignment surgery, they ended up thinking they where their original gender and wanted to be changed back. There is an obvious problem to this happening.

This all being stated the person who gave me this topic suggested that that because of people seeing so much about Transgender people in the media, they want to be part of the group and present as Trans when they are not. He also asserted that there can in some cases be an underlying personality disorder causing the confusion.

To me personally I feel either Male or Female at times and in rare cases I don't think of myself as either. So I'm more of a Fluidgender kind of person. That being said I've presented as Female only once in my life. I also go by HE no matter how I feel that day. I do this to avoid confusion as I'm kind of sure a LOT of people won't get it if I say something else - so I give in and go by HE.

Now to me a child that identifies as female at one time then back to male at another time is not classically Transgender and could be Bigender or Fluidgender. I do not think of them as being mentally ill or giving into social pressure.

Unfortunately we live in a society that likes to label people and to put them in boxes. If you change who you are as the world sees you, then society in general has issues with it.

I'm kind of sure that there are a lot of people out there that are to some extent afraid of Trans people or resentful of them and play along as accepting to keep the peace.

It's rather a complicated matter after all and personally I feel more qualified to speak on it that the person I was quoting, but I'm also not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Comments of respectful nature will be accepted. This does not at all mean that if I don't agree with you it will be removed - it will be removed if your are rude about it.


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