I'm actually amazed at how badly I reacted to this stuff. It's supposed to NOT cause allergies after all. Yeah it's all rather natural for the most part, but DANG - I thought I was going to die or something.

My skin was covered in red dots from head to toe. It burned like a sunburn (feeling). My eyes where itchy and hurt. My breathing was hampered slightly.

When I took it out of the wash I got a reaction so I washed them all again. I figured I was safe as there was no reaction when I took it out the 2nd time. The next day after a shower I put on the clean clothing and WHAM I got hit with it.

I had to wash it 2 more times and even then there was a very slight itch.

I'm kind of astonished at this as literally all the other reviews where positive. But this gave me the worst reaction of my life for laundry soap. Gain was a close second but not as bad. Tide just made me slightly red and itchy.

Seem the Co-op stuff is all I can use. I also have very little of it left and can't really afford to get more until next month - so I might have to do without something else to get some - in fact I rather know I will - but It's safe to use.


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