District Brewing Co, Variety Pack Review

District Brewing Co, Wheat Lager. This is the first wheat beer I enjoyed. Most of them where so light tasting there was nothing to it. This one has a lot of taste to it but still not great in my mind. Score is skewed to the slightly lower price than other brands. About $31.00 after taxes for a 12 pack (variety pack).

District Brewing Co, Pilsner. These all came in the same 12 pack BTW. It was OK but only just OK. I'm not a total fan of Pilsner style beers in the first place, but it's good and would have it again.
District Brewing Co, Märzen. This is a Bavarian style lager. It's strong and robust. It's also quite filling. Completely enjoyed this and for the price of it, it's outstanding. Note: I screwed up the name in a Vlog the other day.
District Brewing Co, Dark Lager. Speaking of outstanding for the price, this is it. This was a great tasting beer with a lot of body. The taste is very dark and I would like to be able to get just a 12 of this one. At the place I got it, they just have the variety pack so I'll have to check the Sask Liquor site to see if they have it. If they do, this will be my next beer purchase - probably for Christmas.

I just looked on Sask Liquor, they only have them in a 4 pack. Oh well.


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