I've been seeing a few strange things on YouTube. It keeps saying I should subscribe to people I am already subscribed to and even myself. There is a random video player bug that just won't let me watch 1 out of 30 videos for no valid reason. Even if I come back days later the same video will not play. Other people are able to view that video, just not me. Now I'm hearing that the "spam box" is missing for comments in YouTube Studio for some people. What a bother that must be, as YT will randomly send a comment there for no valid reason. My favorite so far is vanishing comments. I will comment and it will go away - the person did not delete the comment. As well I've replied to comments and had my replies vanish or the original comment vanish leaving only my reply. For a company worth billions, you would think they would fix the comments at least, they have been constantly broken for over 5 years now. Speaking of comments It just won't let me comment at times - keeps saying "server timed out" when I try to post the comment. I even had a video I posted vanish. Only 1 person said they saw it and I reviewed it after it posted to see if it was working right, so I know it was there. Then there is the matter of advertising. Hell I've seen 7 ads in a 13 minute video - the hell is with that? I don't understand how people who don't have adblockers or YT Premium are still following people with an ad ever 2 minutes. I'd unsubscribe the first time I saw that many ads. As well it nags you to get Premium every few times you log into your account. It also nags you to try YT kids and YT music at random. It's starting to be super annoying on YT and I'm getting to the point I may just start posting on Facebook instead. Seriously I can tolerate all many of nut jobs and dislikes, but the random bugs are starting to get me a bit pissy. I expect it to work better for all the money they are making and all the people they pay to make it work. Oh well, whatever... I guess I'll just keep posting videos and try not to lose my mind when I can't watch a vlog from someone I like or one of my vlogs vanish. After all I can and have spent hours going down the recommended video rabbit hole. BTW this is what it looks like if you don't break your blog up into paragraphs - HA.


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