Just got the email shown below in my spam box. You get this in your email, just delete it, it's bullshit. They are hoping you have actually looked at something the people you know would think is disturbing. The other thing is, if they where good enough to "hack your device" like that, they would actually know what the fuck the device is, not just a generic title like that. If your so good you can take over a porn site and then infect everyone watching, you can grab their credit information off the device when they shop or their bank account when they back. So, it's 110% bullshit.

Do a search for "recorded masturbating scam" there are a lot of warnings out there. Seriously. If this person had control of your device, they would not email you, they would not have to, they could know when you where using it and give you a popup notification that is emergency priority and you would not be able to just ignore it.

Fact is they send our a shit pile of these scam emails in hope that some fool with a guilty mind will freak out and send them money. The other thing is, I'm actually poor, if they had control of my phone, they would know this. They would know there is no way I am coming up with $1500. So fuck off comes to mind.

Another thing to think about is if this was true, tens of thousands of people would be infected at least. They just can't go threw all of those devices and monitor their activity. This would require a shit pile of server time and an AI to do it. It's just so outlandish it's not funny.

Here is the email with the bitcoin account redacted.


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