My Kichly French Press (7/10)

2 scoops of coffee and pour in boiling water. (It comes with a scoop)
Put the top on to hold the heat in but do not press down plunger it yet.
Wait 5 to 10 minutes (depends on how strong you want it) then press down plunger.
Pour into your mug and enjoy. This model makes 2 larger mugs of coffee. It does not stay hot for long as it's plastic. If you pay more and get a stainless steel one, they tend to hold heat longer. Remember the longer you let the second mug of coffee sit, the stronger it gets.

I'm going to rate it a 7/10 for price VS how well it holds the heat. It was $21.99 on Amazon and was sent to me from my wish list by a person who remained anonymous.

Cleaning is easy enough, just take the plunger out and unscrew it from the base then take the 3 layers apart and wash. Flush out the grounds with some water and pour it in the toilet as it may clog the sink. Some people let it dry a bit and then toss it in the trash. Others keep the coffee grounds for gardening.


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