My Grandma if one of them and it's in Regina, that's all I know.
My Dad, 1960's North Batleford.
Mom and her Sister. 1970's. Location not know.
My cousin, near Yourton, Saskatchewan. 1950's When I saw the place in the 1970's none of those plants where still there.
Never found out who these people are, just know they where relatives.
I think this is my Mother, and I think it's in North Battleford. Would be the 50's or 60's.
My cousins, Their Parents and someone I don't know. 1950's
This is my Grandma, 1940's
Mom and Me, late 1960's or early 1970's. I thought I never owned slippers and obviously I did.
Cousins - no idea when it was taken.
An Uncle, and Aunt and my Aunt's friend (1940's I think).
An aunt as a baby.
My Dad
Cousins, early 1970's
A cousin as a baby.


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