I had renovations done to my kitchen a while ago. I have found several things like this machine screw laying on the carpet in the Livingroom after. There was a couple of wire caps as well. Not to mention a hand full of either thick washers or some kind of spacer.

They also did the lights and changed the breakers in the box. The spacers are from the lights. There where two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. It's like he dropped one or two every time he changed a light.

I'm waiting for them to come and patch the holes in the kitchen wall and I hope paint it. Then I'll inspect the place for things that may mess up my vacuum and give it a good clean. I don't wish to go to the pain of doing it then having it tracked up again. I'm disabled and vacuuming causes me a lot of pain.

However I really do love my new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I just with my microwave would fit in the one corner, but when I open the door it hits the burners on the stove, so I had to put it in the other corner and use up valuable space on the counter. But it's not like I'll be needing room to sort out a meal for 6 or something, I just need a bit of space to do my prep. It's all good.

I just hope the guys who patch the holes and paint will have a mask on, the guy who did the lights did not have one on and I had to complain to Moose Jaw Housing to get him to come back and wipe down the places he worked on. Sigh. The kitchen cabinet people did wipe down and after the plumber was in I gave it a good wipe.

I'm at risk with a compromised immune system so I'm trying my best not to get the virus, as it may well do me in if I do. I hate to think how many places they where in and never wiped down or had masks on. Sigh. There are a lot of venerable people in my building, it's not cool to be so lax.


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