To be honest, management sent the boss of the painters to fix it, but DANG they left a mess for me. It took me over an hour to get most of the drywall dust up and scrape off half the mud from the counter. After that I just could not do anymore of it. I would not have done any if I knew they where sending someone to clean up. Thank GOD they did, I would have been in rough shape if I had to clean it all.

Drywall mud all over the place, just left there.
Drywall mud in the sink. There are still a few flakes he missed and I need to clean the sink well. I will take a SOS pad to it to get that rust off as well. It will rust again, but oh well, for a while it will be nice.
This is BEFORE they sanded, I forgot to take a picture of the massive amount of drywall mud dust that was left on the counter and the fridge. This is sawdust only.
Part of the wall not only not mudded right, it was not painted. It's still not prefect as the wall is not flat, but good enough for me now that he fixed it.
Paint on the top of the backsplash - they have a tool to clean that off, it's literally just for cleaning the backsplash.
The last shot was before they "fixed the walls". I really do love my cabinets. In the corner (center) is a compound door with 2 sets of hinges that will open up to access all the space in the corner. I love this, as there is no wasted space. On the bottom is a Lazy Susan so you can get at all your stuff without reaching way back.

When I sent photos and a description to the office, they sent a boss man to clean up, even though I'd dome most of the cleanup not knowing he was coming. I'm very glad, and impressed they did that. The bit I did put in in pain, and I will be in pain for days. All I had to do after was take some sanitizing wipes to it all. So I'm happy now. But... literally everyone else has to deal with the mess left behind, as I'm certain to be the only one who complained.


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