I opened a 2nd profile under the same email on Instagram. It was exclusively for LGBTQ content, mostly muscle men half naked who happen to have beards. I swear to GOD all the ads in the month or so I've had the profile up, have been for a local church who is very not into LGBTQ people and think they are all going to hell.

I have no idea how this works, it's under the same Facebook account, so I don't get it. All I get on my main profile is restaurant ads. LOL. I am quite amused over this.

However, I have stopped using that profile (it still exists), seems when you switch from the one to the other it loses your connection to Facebook and Twitter (at least it does for me) and you have to log into them again each time to share to them. That means using the code generator each time and a big pain in the butt. So just skip it. I may install it on my tablet and just leave the one on the tablet on the LGBTQ one.

The only question left, is do I make a 3rd profile for my furry content, or do I ad that into the LGBTQ one?


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