Dr. Carver's Shave Butter (Dollar Shave Club) - Review.

This product is distributed by The Dollar Shave Club. There was a sample in my box so I tried it. There is enough in the sample for 2 shaves.

It was slightly waxy feeling and thick. It went on easy and adhered to the skin well. The razor glided over it easily.

The shave I got with it was better than with my usual product. I also liked the smell of it. The only downside is my skin did not like it. I had a mild reaction to it and it left some redness. You should know I have a lot of chemical sensitivities however.

I would recommend the product. I'll give it a 8.5/10 for the listed price and it's effectiveness. Quite sure it would go well with other places on the body (if you know what I mean).

* In addition, I had a shipping issue with the last set of blades, and they sent me a new one after I contacted them on Twitter, and gave me a $7 credit on my account. I'm 100% satisfied with the company. It's less than $20 a year for me to use them and the shave is quality. *


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