A Happy Life After All

So even though I can't afford to be fancy or to give people what I would like to give them. Even though I live with chronic pain and blinding panic attacks. Even if my heart does not work right. Even if I have no family left to be with, I am still a happy person. I have so much more than most people in this world of ours. I am free to express myself and to be who I was born to be. I don't have to hide that I am bisexual or fluid gender. I am not living in a hell of war or poverty. Sure I have a lot less than most people in Canada, but I have what I need and more. The most of it is, I have friends who care and are there for me no matter what happens. I have people I can talk to not matter what time of day or night it is. I have the medication I need to extend my life and give me a better life. Most of all I have the joy of seeing the beauty in many things most people pass by every day. This alone makes me a happy person. I also know that if I really need something people will come to my aid and help me get it. Yes I have wants as we all do. But all my needs are met. Life is good and I have left an impression in many minds and hearts that will last long after I am gone. I will be fondly remembered and this is all anyone can ask for. So today I rejoice for all I have. Thank you world and thank you people for being so kind to me. Hugs, Love and Peace to you all.


  1. There is so much love in this blog, I had to hook the laptop up to the big screen TV, just so I could read it all.


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