I Love My Android Box

I freaking love my Android box. That it with the yellow cable sticking out of it. The other thing is a 6 port charger that I use 3 ports of. I don't tend to need more than that as I only ever have 3 things charging at once. It's a smart charger BTW and if the device has smart charge it will charge it nice and fast.

Any way the Android Box has Kodi and eliminates me need for Cable. It is a search engine type of application looks for streams for Video, Music and Photos. I prefer the Exodus plugin for Movies and TV shows. There is an option to show the most popular TV shows or Movies. This is great as all the shows I tend to like to watch are in there. Just click on them and it brings up a list of seasons and episodes. When you find the episode you want, it will then show a long list of streaming services that have the show embedded on them. It shows if they are 1080p, HD (720p) or SD quality. You select the one you want and watch the show. Some of them want you to "pair the device" but I don't think that is a great idea and just select another stream.

The same goes for movies, even very new movies are on there. Ones that have not even made it to the premium TV channels yet. Just select like you do the TV show and watch it.

In some countries this is no longer a legal practice, but in Canada and the USA it is. The crime here is on the person who uploaded the content, not you for watching it.

It also came with a client called ShowBox that is a torrent client. You search for a title and then select from a list and it will download it to the boxes memory. This on the other hand is not all that legal to do.

There is also a Netflix client on the box. I watch a lot of Netflix as the quality is better than the bootleg movies and so on - so I find it worth the $10 a month they charge. But most of the Netflix originals can also be found on Kodi.

You can also use it to play games and so on. The box has 2 USB ports and you can connect up a controller to it. I have a remote with a touch pad and full keyboard on it right now. This saves a lot of effort.

The only thing I don't really like is that the Netflix client is a bit hard to scroll sideways threw the lists. It can often be frustrating and the remote that came with it is kind of hard to use. But I think it is well worth the money I payed for it. If you are willing to pay a bit more than I did you can get a box that has more memory and a remote that is a lot more functional than this one.

You might want to clean it up before you let the kids use it though, as they tend to have adult search plugins installed most of the time. So just uninstall them and let the kids watch their shows under your supervision only.

One other thing I don't like is, I have tried at least 10 calendars and can't find one that works to my satisfaction on the box. For some reason not one of them lets me change the month or year. I am sure I am just not looking at the right ones and well, why do you need one on there anyway? But I would like to have it on there. I also installed Google Maps on there - but I am strange LOL. I can pin places and so on and then they show up on the phone or tablet as well.

They also tend to let you cast from your phone to the box in the case of things like YouTube and what not. You can also get any steaming service that is available as an Android app.

I find it much better an option that a Chrome cast or the like. They do way more. They also allow you to stream from out cloud or from a USB stick or USB HD or in the case of mine, a micro-SD Card.

Happy watching everyone.


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