It's Very Dry In Here

Well this is my skin from my arm. It's dry as hell and so is the rest of me. My lips are toast. I need to find something to put on the lips for sure, as they are starting to crack. I have literally never been in a place that is as dry as this building. I love living here, but wow it's drying me out.

Humidifiers that would do the job for such a big space are over $200 so that is not actually an option. The biggest worry for me with it being this dry is static. When I get out of bed or out of my chair I often have a lot of static built up. I have to go and touch the light switch screws to ground myself before I go and play with the computer or plug something in to charge, or I might mess them up.

The good thing seems to be that walking around on the carpet does not seem to cause any problems with static at all. But man I am dry. I have been putting lotion on my arms and hands and so on, but I have nothing for my lips and the rest of me is dry and well - who has enough money to moisturise their entire body every day. I do use soap in the shower and hand soap that helps but still I seem to dry out by the end of the day.

I often get itchy from the fibro and this dry skin is doing a number in that department as well. So I am itchy twice as often. Sigh. Oh well winter will be over sooner or later. Oh wait, it's still a long time to spring.


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