So Took A Nap And Got Confused As Hell

Well I guess I am old or something... I just took a nap and woke up confused out of my head. First I had left the lights on in the living room as you see in the photo and closed the door most of the way and shut the blinds. I need it a bit dark to sleep. Although I wish I could get it a LOT darker in here some nights as the lights from the parking lot shine threw the window even with the blinds closed. Oh well I am drifting off topic as normal I see.

Anyways I wake up and for some stupid reason say out loud "where the hell am I?" See I thought for a moment that I should be in a place that I have not lived in since I was 18. That was 32 years ago.

If that was not enough after I looked around and realised "yes Dave this is your apartment", I then thought to myself "why the hell is the light on?" Sigh perhaps because you only took a nape and where going to go work on your photo project after? Sigh.

This was not the end of it, I then thing "why are my cloths still on?" The fact that I had already realised that I was just taking a short nap was already lost in the fog.

But finally I got all my ducks in a row and figured it all out and went and edited the photos for the project.

At least I have not forgotten to take meds in a few weeks. That is always a big ops and mostly happens with the night time meds for some reason. Oh well, they are only keeping me alive after all.


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