This Is Why I Think Most People Are Stupid

The internet is more than likely not a good sample of humanity but I spend most of my waking time playing on Facebook or YouTube. This causes the belief that most people are STUPID. I see posts like this will over 100,000 people trying the number 5 into the comments to see what happens. Most of these people will do this one many posts a day and will keep doing it for YEARS on end thinking "this time something will happen". They don't realise that the "magic" is proving how much of a sheep or a dumb-ass you are by making you do something on demand.

Then again I really have a LOT of examples of stupid actions, thoughts and so on on both FB and YT. There is NO END to the fake ass "life hack" videos that keep getting tens of thousands of views or more. One example was a person who stated if you glue a usb cable to your dried out bic lighter, you could recharge your phone by flicking the spark wheel on it. The video had over 50,000 views. What the actual HELL? Sigh. Sure half the views are by people looking of a LUL - but think about the other half cutting up a good USB cable and gluing it to a dead lighter.

The best of these is "type amen to help heal this person". Well for one thing - not ONE of these posts has the actual permission to use the image the stole off the net some place. For another thing, do you honestly think God is waiting for enough people to type Amen and share a flipping post on Facebook before he actually gives a shit and grants a miracle to some poor kid with cancer? Because if you do, have year ever heard of any credible source say that any of these kids got better for no reason that can be explained?

God and now lets get on to advertising (recommended posts) on social media. There is one where you plus this thing into the computer then into an external hard drive. The one claims that it will keep the government from snooping in your files. Well the thing also claims to be "free cloud storage". The trick here is, it lets you access your OWN hard drive from the net. Well you can do this anyway if you have installed an application do do so or have the right version of Windows or OSX. You don't need to pay $25 to do this. The other thing is, how the living hell does putting your hard drive on the net stop the government from snooping? HOW? There are also about 7 of them I have seen now.

Another good one is "Microsoft does not want you to buy this". It claims the USB jump drive when booted from, will "clean your computer" and make it 10 times faster. Well the thing is, once you boot from a device, you grant access to the computer with NO VIRUS PROTECTION. This can then turn off your virus scanner and install all kinds of things like key loggers and back doors. I can see it now... I rand the cleaner and nothing happened, I want my money back - NO RESPONSE to the email and 2 months later their bank account is overdrawn for no reason and all there credit cards are maxed out.

I don't know what the hell it is that people think if it's on facebook it has to be true. The thing is, FB will allow about anyone to advertise with them and by the time they realise it's a shady deal and cancel the advert it's way too late. Some of them are actually a virus waiting to happen the moment you click the link for crap sake. That and the 50 billion fake news sites out there that get shared like wild fire. I just say a scientific study that proves eating pizza makes you loose weight. HOW? Lets see, the fat from the meat turns the carbs into anti-carbs? Sigh.

God this is why I pray every day (uselessly) to be healed of my disabilities so I can get out of the apartment more often and stay off the G.D. internet for a long time at a time. Sigh. I try hard to ignore the stupidity by sticking to good groups and so on, but literally EVERYONE has shared at least one fake news article this week alone. Not to mention typing 5 to see what the HELL happens...

The fact that when I go out for coffee it's always at a truck stop full of back wood country folk does NOT help my vision of humanity in one bit. But my brain works enough to realise that we would have stupided ourselves to death long ago if what I see around me was how everyone was. I will be nice and not say anything on how a certain election proves to me that most people are STUPID...

OK I am done and it's time for a dram of bourbon. BTW I am 420lbs and got that way by eating SHIT for decades. So we can all question my intellect now can't we...

Have a good day all and keep smiling - they don't know you want to kill them that way.


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