So If I Go To The ER You Toss Out My Clothing?

So believe it or not, this is not legal. Abandoned items must be held for 90 days according to Saskatchewan regulations and well laws. This is in the Laundry Room BTW. So here is the situation: you go to do the washing at 7pm and they find you on the floor at 8pm and you spend the next two days in the hospital. You get back to find out that most of your clothing has been thrown out. Well not you can't afford to replace it and the provincial government will give you $270 for clothing that you then have to pay back $55 a month until it's payed off. How much clothing can you get for that? Not all that much. Not even a weeks worth of clothing. Hell it's $50 for 3 pare of undies for me. $60 for one pare of pants and so on. Say you are NOT on SAID and you are getting money from the Feds instead as you are over 65. Well now you DON'T get any advances for clothing and you are 100% screwed now. So not only is it against the regulations and laws to do what the sign says they will do, it's completely un-ethical. So if I start having a heart attack, I will try to get my still wet clothing back to the apartment before I call 911 - after all I can't afford to replace them or to take anyone to court over it.


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