Sarcastic Rant On Why I Think 70% Of People Are Stupid

So honestly, how in the HELL does an app make an light brighter? All you have to do is think a little to realise this is a scam. Look at the screen cam of the video - like BULLSHIT you are going to get the massive bright light out of your phone by installing a shady app that will more than likely infect your phone. And that this absolute LIE is on the Google Play Store tells me Google is not really looking to see what is on there. Here is the deal, the Android OS already has a flashlight on it. You just have to look for it sometimes. Most of the time it's in the quick options in the pull down menu. So you don't need to install one. If you honestly think you are going to get a spot light like light out of your phone you are more than likely the kind of person they are looking for to INFECT. There have been several articles about this and other apps like it saying they are spyware or an out and our virus. Yet people on mass still install them. Just like "Makeup Mirror". This is 100% of no use at best and dangerous to install at worst. Just turn on the dang camera and use the selfie cam. But NOOOO people install an app for it. Sigh. It's like people want to be infected with stuff. Not to mention all the click traps and fake giveaways people keep sharing on Facebook. Sigh. Lets see, how can we infect a lot of people? I know lets tell them we will give them a $2,500 gift card for clicking a short link. Sigh... Literally the same group of people share 4 or 5 of these scams a day. Almost everyone shares some click trap with all kinds of shady ads on it to infect your phone. People really have no clue how easy it actually is to infect a phone. And if you install it and then give it permissions blindly, you are just a fool. Hell there was this adblocker that asked for root access - that is always a good idea don't you think? Sigh... I don't get it. People are told over and over and over that this stuff is dangerous and do it anyway. It's like driving at night in the fog with your lights off. But I guess that might be fun too... Sigh... Not to mention the mountain of fake "life hacks" out there that people have tried, like screwing drywall screws into their tires... The internet seems to be at least 70% oblivious people who blindly follow any crazy ass instruction out there and believe the most outlandish fake news stories. I am NOT even going to get started with the "truthers". That is a level of crazy I just can't deal with right now...


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