Christmas Present To Myself

I only did this because I have enough money points to get $30 worth of stuff at Safeway and that will get me a football ham and a bag a shrimp as well as some cabbage rolls. That will be Christmas dinner for me... Alone... As normal...

Anyway, I got a 20 Oz Doctor Who Comic Book style coffee cup and a Skulls Adult Colouring Book. Shipping was free as the total was over $35. It used to be $25 got you free shipping but I guess the massive corporation needs more money now or something. Anyway, I wanted both items and with Christmas dinner paid for with point, I went ahead and ordered them.

I am on a tight budget and have little to spend on things like this but do manage to order a pizza now and then or something fun like this. I will very much enjoy both things. It's the least I can do for myself :) Woot. After all when you have as little as I have money wise, you learn to love when you can spend on yourself.


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