Faster Internet Is Online

My new modem is here, but I had to call them up to get it working. No such luck that I could just plug it in and have it do it's thing. Nope it had to be activated or whatever. The guy was mumbling so I did not really hear what the heck he had to say. But he got it going for me and this is the speeds I got on the PC. On the phone I tested at 123 down and 16 up. Not like I will need the extra speed on the phone LOL. Wi-Fi is always a bit slower than wired after all.

I also used the cable that came with it to hard wire in the Android Box. This way I don't have to worry about it flipping out from "interference" or what ever. Not to mention the fact I kept having to reconnect. This way the connection is always just there. As well I can be downloading a 2GB packet at the same time I am watching a movie and there will be no worries. Hell with this speed you could be streaming in 5 rooms and still have a nice fast download time.

I do have to LOL at the fact that the standard speed check sight does NOT let you test unless you turn off the adblocker. Not to mention the manage to splash 5 adverts in your face. I'll be using Shaw's Speed Test from now on. It seems to play out exactly the same averages that the other one does and does not splash me in the face...


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