It's Too Cold To Bring The Dog For Coffee

It's freaking cold. Right now it's -24c with a windcill of -33. Expected low is -43. So I guess the warm days are over for a while.

Don't you love how big this hood is? Was not expecting it to be so big actually.

It's getting cold enough that people will be leaving the cars and trucks running when they go inside some place for coffee or to eat. The lucks ones have a car with the warming option that will run it for a while then shot off. Strangely enough only one person I have known personally has had such a car.

I was a bit dismayed to see a dog in the car in the parking lot today. Yes it's running but what if it stops running and you don't notice it. It's not like you will even know. Next thing you know that poor little fellow is toast. Just leave it at home. If he is bad when you leave him, put him in a kennel for the time your gone out. But people don't really think about these things I guess.


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