Domino's Hot Wings - A Quick Review

OK never order wings alone unless it's a double order. I normally get them off the Domino's Web Page in the 2 items for $7.99 each coupon. I have of course signed up for the points system on the web page. Every couple of months I end up getting a free 2 topping medium pizza. I used to order way more often but due to cuts to my budget I can't.

Anyway, these are my favourite flavour and are just the "Hot Wings". I like the hot sauce they use and it's mildly hot. Some think it's quite hot, but I like flaming hot stuff - so for me, it's mild. Out of the flavours of wings, I like this one best and give it a 4/5. I would have given it a 5, but literally every time there was one with a broken bone in it and I had to spit out bits of bone or risk issues inside my... Still I think for the price and the taste I will keep coming back.

The honey Mango is my second favourite but can some days be too sweet for me. They are also insanely sticky. I give them a 3.5/5. BBQ is well, boring to me so it gets a 1/5. 


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