Saskatchewan Government Making Me Rant Again

OK you will have to expand the letter to read it. OK I get this letter in the mail and when ever someone on benefits gets a letter from them and it's NOT the end of the month we freak out because 9 times out of 10 they are screwing with us. Being that I have been threw 2 cuts to benefits in the last few months, I have to wonder WHAT NOW? But it's all good in the case. Confusing waste of resources, but it's all good in the end.

So it's a letter to tell me what I already know and have had previous letters to tell me so. When I moved in here I got a letter telling me how much I would be getting and so on and that the "extra" was gone. I later got a 2nd letter telling me that the $207 a month supplement was also gone. This took me down to $1123 a month and $418 of that was for rent.

Well - so this letter was literally not needed and just caused me a few moments of un-needed stress.

#1 goes on about the "extra" living expense I was getting because the rent went up and now that there is more options for places to live this would have been taken away. Here is the fallacy of that. The place I was in was and still is at the bottom end of the rent scale anywhere in the province. Yes the vacancy rate is actually way up. But anyone with even a fare bit of brain damage can tell you that the rents NEVER go back down after they go up. And in fact they did NOT go down. The new places where all out of range for people like me and the older places like I lived in where still at the same price they where when there was almost no options to rent.

#2 "We know this period of uncertainty has been difficult". NOPE I already knew 2 months ago what was happening to my benefits and there was literally no reason for this letter to have ever been sent.

The additional shake my head to this entire thing is that it took 8 working days for this letter to get to me. Now it was mailed in a place 71KM from where I live (44 miles). It takes 45 min or less to drive here from there. So where the shit was this letter for the rest of the time. Lets give it 2 days for processing - one in Regina and one in Moose Jaw. There are still 6 days where it was just sitting some place. No wonder people have for the most part stopped using Canada Post.


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