Playing With The Camera

 These are the same item being photographed. The camera did not move at all and was set on the tripod zoomed it with manual focus. It is in fact the coffee that was in my cup a while ago. The first shot is focused so that the reflection of the blinds is shown. The second shot is focused so that the caffeine oil on the coffee is showing. You can't generally get this to happen in Auto mode. So the ability to focus manually is a good thing. Being that this is NOT a DSLR camera and the lens can only be operated with buttons on the camera - it's a bit harder to do, bit it is possible. A DSLR is way more easy to do with with once you get used to handling them. I took a 2 hour free class at the Library to learn how to use my camera. This was part of it. There are all kinds of tutorials to be watched on YouTube for almost any camera worth learning to use as well. General classes in how to take photos and so on are of great use to anyone who wants to get better shots. Most people don't really think about it when they take the shot - so learning how to balance it and so on helps. But that being said, I have taken a lot of quick out the window shots from a moving truck that came out very well. So you just never know. BTW one of the best photographers I personally know has never taken one class in his life.


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