Christmas Cards and Dinner

Strange thing is people I know personally do NOT give out Christmas cards. These are all from YouTubers that I know. I can't generally afford to send out cards in December so I tend to send out post cards in January. See Jan. is GST month and that means I get over $100 in sales tax rebates and I can afford to send out the postcards.

As for dinner - I had cabbage rolls, ham and a bean salad kind of thing. I over cooked the veggies for the salad, but it's OK. I had the feeling I should check on the cabbage rolls and I was right. The directions said to cook them for 80 minutes and 50 minutes in they where more than done. If I had them in for 40 they would have been perfect. So so much for listening to the box. The had I sliced and tossed in the slow cooker on high for 3 hours with 2 cans of stewed tomatoes on them. It all came out good. It was not the best ever but of well. Now that I have a small stove, cooking big meals takes planning.


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