The Day An Angle Talked To Me

So I was typing what I will post in quotes after this, when the side bar changed (on Facebook) and for some strange reason a recommended group about cars for sale popped up. Well the photo that came up with it was of Jesus... Any way here it is - we where talking about Angles and this was my story of meeting one.

"When I was going to see Mom one day, I was very depressed and it was a time when she was losing the ability to communicate well. I honestly needed someone - anyone to just be kind and make me feel better. The entire time all the attention was on her and no one - no one - cared what was happening to me. This nurse talked to me for a moment and told me Mom had told her she was very comforted by the fact I came ever day and that she was proud of me. I was in a mood and just said thanks and passed it off. Two days later I wanted to thank her. Her name tad said "Deb". I asked about her at the desk and they told me there was no Deb. I described her and no one knew who I was talking about. That was my proof they existed. BTW there was a very calming effect when I heard her voice. It seemed to be more clear than I had ever heard anyone talk before."

Strangely I don't think it's the first time it has happened. Many times when I have been terribly depressed I have run into some random kind soul just at the moment I needed to be remeasured that life was really worth living.

Not to mention the one time I wanted to actually end it and was literally going to do it. The phone rang and I answered it. All they said was, "God loves you." I replied who is this and there was dial tone. I looked at the call log and there was nothing that day at all.

I know I had a problem of talking to people who where not actually there at that time in my life, but was this a manifestation of my mind trying to keep me alive - or was it something other than that. Something that can't just be explained.

I know another who has been literally helped when she where hurt by someone they did not know and that when the ambulance got there, no one knew who she was talking about. To her though, the kind old man who held her hand and told her to hold on was there. People told her that no one held her hand. So was this just her mind reacting to a life threatening situation or was it an Angle?

My mother claims that the day her Father died in a snow storm her dead Grandmother came to her in a very vivid dream and told her that her Father was with her now. No one at that time knew he was dead. It was not until late the next afternoon that his frozen body was found by the fence line.

When I was a child I knew when people I loved had died, down to the exact moment it happened. One day I came home and told Dad that Uncle Stan was dead. He said, "no he is just in the hospital". Hours later they got a call that he was dead and later they found out what time he died. Dad just looked at me and said "how could you know". We never spoke of it again.

We where on vacation and I woke from sleep and called out "the dog is dead". Mom told me to go back to sleep. When we got home 3 days later we found out that she had died in the kennel she was staying in that same night.

I don't have answers, but I do know that there is more to this universe than we know and can prove exists. As for Angles, you bet I think they are real.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, one of my aunts, appeared in a dream and spoke to me, can't remember what she said, only that I found out the next day, she had passed away the night of my dream.


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