1. I have been part of 4 class action lawsuits - All of them netted me less than $10.

2. As a child I was hit by a bus and a truck. As an adult I ran myself over with my own car.

3. I got 5 parking tickets in my life. Every single time they got the plate number wrong and I got the ticket canceled.

4. I got stabbed in the back by a 10-year-old for not giving him money. I then tried to drive myself to the ER with the knife still in me.

5. In my entire life I was only speeding in the city 1 time. Got busted with a $120 ticket.

6. When I was little my brother would tell me, we were playing hide and seek, then he would go inside and not look for me. I fell for it way too many times.

7. I had 4 educational games I wrote published for the commodore 64. All distributed for free.

8. Every day at about 9pm I get cold for no reason. It does not matter how long I've been awake or if I nap.

9. I pretend to feed my stuffed toy cats every morning.

10. My brother was a trained master knife and sword sharpener.

11. I don't cook hotdogs before I eat them. I also like ranch dressing on them.

12. I never pray for myself.

13. I listen to 20 hours of music on YouTube Music a week on average. Mostly in the middle of the night, in the dark.

14. A photo I took of city hall has been used at least 8 times by others that I know of. That makes me happy.

15. When mom and I moved out of the trailer into separate apartments the toilet stopped working literally the day before the new owners took over. I fixed it with a twist tie.

16. I got in trouble in school for handing in a poem called "Your A Dead Fish" in English class.

17. Had someone tell me they were going to call the RCMP on me for not agreeing with them.

18. First time I went bowling I scored a 190. After that I never got over 80 as I suck at it.

19. The only printer I had that was white, I covered in graffiti.

20. My first car was 23 feet long and I had no problem parking it. Now would not happen. Spots are smaller now.

21. I think women shaving their head is sexy.

22. I suffer from panic attacks. My last dog had panic attacks and would wake me up at 3am to be held and would be visually in fear. Strange this is most small dogs in fear hide under the bed he wanted to be held.

23. I hick-up in almost every video I make.

24. There was a 13 year stretch of my life where I was sick on Christmas day.

25. I like jewelry videos, Makeup tutorials and dollar tree hauls. I have no interest in the first 2 for myself, but I enjoy watching them.

26. I almost always spell Good Doog the first time around. Thank God for spell check.

27. My brother hit me in the hear with a brick when I was 5.

28. I don’t like wearing clothing and after 9pm until 8am I don’t, even when I’m watching TV.

29. I hacked a friend’s email 3 times in a row to show him how predictable his passwords where.

30. I haven’t had sex in 10 years and don’t care to ever have it again.

31. Random cats on the street seem to like to come to me. I’ve had them jump in my car, sit on my knee when I was on a bench, and even want to be picked up.

32. When I was in elementary school, they thought I was a slow learner. When I got into high school I was tested and ended up in the advanced classes instead.

33. On average from grade 4 to grade 7 I was in the office for doing something bad 3 times a week. In grade 8 I grew out of that phase and stopped hanging out with the bad kids.

34. I used to be extremely good at baseball in elementary school, but never played it outside of school. In fact, no one batted even close to me.

35. I once told my parents we where going camping and we drove to Winnipeg to see Iron Maiden then slept in the car and drove home the next day.

36. I was next to both my Dad and Mom when they died. For Dad I was driving him home from Regina and for Mom she was in a care home.

37. I would walk behind my Mom when I took her shopping so she would not know I was in pain. Several times I almost passed out, but not once let her know it hurt me.

38. I first had sex at age 12 with a 13-year-old who was visiting us.

39. I used to get into the drive-in movies for free because I knew the guy at the gate.

40. I’ve seen the movie Phanstasm more than 400 times in my life and still watch it from time to time on DVD. I don’t like any of the sequels at all.

41. Even as a child I did Not like Star Wars and much prefer Star Trek.

42. I’ve seen every single episode of Doctor Who and all the movies.

43. My first female celebrity crush was Zoe Saldana who played Uhura on Star Trek.

44. My first male celebrity crush was Burt Renaldas.

45. I used to love the show “The Starlost” and watched them all several times as a child. I then watched it as an adult and wondered how the hell I liked it at all. I now think it’s one of the worst TV shows in history.

46. At one time my favorite TV show was “Blakes 7”. Now it’s “Star Trek Discovery”.

47. I used to be 498 lbs. that I know of. I may have been over 500 but don’t know for sure. I am now at this moment 334.4 lbs. This is 163.6 lbs. down in a bit over 3 years.

48. My first full time job was cutting grass in a graveyard.

49. I drink approximately 15 gallons of coffee a month.

50. Starting at age 10 I was served a glass a wine with holiday meals. When I was 15, I was allowed to have a glass of whiskey now and then.


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