Weight Loss OOPS

So I went up 11 lbs this week. I eat nothing but processed crap for days. I feel bloated from it all. The worst thing is, I just ordered a pizza deal. I know, I'm weak. But it's so darn good.

So I'm getting a medium 4 topping pizza, 12 winds and 2 lava cakes for $19. This is not terrible since there is delivery in the mix. Well for where I live, it's not terrible. I know you people in the USA get way better deals than we do.

But With luck at least half of this is water weight from all the processed food and it comes off with the next weigh in.

I'm also sadly lacking in my walking this last 2 weeks. My legs have been bothering me, so I have not walked at all. Well other than the normal walking we do every day. I'm talking about going to the basement and walking back and forth like I do.

Anyway - back to it.


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