Our world, our lives are only a shadow of reality. We see a thin layer of paint on a vast universe that is beyond words. If we lose the concept of self and time and pain and want, we can get to other layers of reality that are fare different than this world. For all we know and are sure of, is just a dream. There is far more than we can know in a million million life times. We have always been and will always be. There is no beginning or end to existence. When we die, we change only where we are. The new reality that we will know may leave us unaware of this existence, but it is shaped by all we do and think now. Time is not real, it is imposed. The flesh is transitory. Pain is imposed by perception. The world can change around us if we only allow it to do so and wish it to do so without the limitation of fear. Death has no meaning but life must be the most sacred of all things to us. Every time you chose to do something or think something about yourself or others or the world or reality, then it alters everything and you slip into another existence. Many of the old things will still be there, like people and things - but it is not the same. When you can escape time and pain and what this world tells you is true then you can see your future beyond this life.

Don't cry for me interwebs, for my life is fun and free...

Eating pizza off a Biker Bears Ass FTW!

Even out deepest suffering is a gift of Love from God. We just do not understand it at this time and may not until we are one with God. Everything that happens is needed to happen. (Seriously don’t think like this now).

If you believe deeply that you are loved, then it is harder to hate. (This is very true).

Well after listening to voice, classical, opera, metal, Folk, Rock and glitch on the new Logitech Z313 I can say it is well worth the price. It will go louder than I would ever want it to go and the sound quality is very good for the money. Placement is also good on it. Being it is ported the speakers have that second resonance chamber to improve the sound. For a home system on the computer it is optimal for the price. I paid $60 for it at Staples. It plugs in easy and the base bin is hidden behind the monitor. You can move about the control for it and there is way more than enough wire to place it where you want. (they lived like 2 years)…

Live, Life, Love

In these Eyes.
Can you see the quiet surrender to what may come in these eyes? Can you see the acceptance of suffering? Can you see that I hold onto the simple joys? If not look again :)

So, logic is when you yell out obscenities and call down people in an angry and borderline hateful way? (don’t remember the context of this post, but I can apply it to several people who think they are being intelligent).

Going to Live and Love until I drop. Even in the worst pain days, there is something to laugh about or be thankful for. Live Life Love...

If you see a person who hates, then you also see a person who is deep in fear. Fear left unconquered will destroy you one way or another. Either you will not be able to face the world, or you will turn on it. Those who use God to hate others are in deep fear of God. They do not understand the love that is God. They see only wrath and hate and for that reason can only show the same, in a quest to be like God.
In the same manner, if you keep a people in fear of power long enough, they will lash out on the system that represses them. It may take generations, but it will happen.
There is a lesson to those who say the speak for God in these simple words and there is a lesson for those who lead our nations. Take up the task of love and build a world of peace.

Who wants to PayPal me $30 for 2 extra large pizza's? J/K

A simple truth: To those who are truly mentally disturbed, all the normal people seem to be crazy.
A simple truth: Those who hate always see others as hating them.
A simple truth: Is you are consumed with anger, you will never have anyone but yourself to blame. 

Who will shed a tear when we are gone? If we live right then no one, for they know we lived life. Instead they will celebrate our memory and learn from our mistakes. Life is but a moment, but the soul is forever.

I don't care if you wronged me. I don't care if you hate me. I don't care who you are or how much you have. I pray you find peace.

By the time you get to be my age, it's almost impossible to find the road home. It just is not there anymore and if it was you would never recognize it now. So this is home now no and matter how we feel like going to the old home, we just can't.

There are countless billions of universes similar to our own. Places where it's almost the same but not quite the same. In all of them there is one constant. The Leaf’s never won a cup...

OK I am too lazy to eat... How did I ever get this fat?

Sometimes you look back and only see the dreams that where never to be. All the hopes and desires and plans that never came to be. Life is an empty thing with little meaning and much suffering. The times of true joy are far outnumbered by the times of true pain. You body is broken and does not want to work. It gives you only pain now. There is nothing left that you want as you know you will never have any of it. You look to a power other than yours and realize there is no answer and only more emptiness. Nothing will answer this hollow feeling, no one or no thing. There is only you and nothing else.
It is then you need to look around and see all the others who would huddle against the darkness with you. Those who will brighten your day and share in their life with you. They are there and you just did not see them before. Live for that, live for them if not for yourself. Then in time you may perhaps know the joy that this world has. The things that we fail to see more often than not.
Embrace the world and the stars. The universe may not know your there, but you can know its beauty and splendor. Free your mind from thoughts of the self. Free yourself from the things they tell you that you need. See what you do need and what is free to share. See life and live it.

I have laughed so hard my face hurts. This has been a hell of a good night folks and it's all because of you guys :) Big hugs.

What sets us apart from other animals? We complain about our lives even when we have more to be thankful for than the rest of the world. No matter how much we have or how easy we have it, we bitch, piss, and moan about how life sucks. You will see a bird fall dead from a branch and not ONE time in its life did it complain.

You Know You Wanna :)

Most people seem to have their brains quit before their body does. Then there are some who just refuse to use the thing in the first place. Still others think running on instinct is using your brain. Then we have politicians, they only have a reptilian brain.

God has blessed me beyond my worth and beyond measure. I am thankful. Hugs :)



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