So I sat here all day on March 1st waiting for this darn thing to show up. Well no one ever rang my buzzer. So then I looked at the item on my app and this came up. Sigh.

So I email Amazon with "where is my stuff" option. I explain in the email that the notice said it was shipped back to them. They reply with "Wait until Wednesday (March 6th) to see if it comes in late". So 2 day shipping is now like 6 days right?

Well they did give me a month of prime on them - so yippy I save $8.87 next month. I can get pie and coffee now. Joy to my world.

Could not express to the guy "it was sent back to you". Just was no way to do it. So Now I am sitting in my apartment from 8 am to 8 pm for several days, as Purolator delivers 7 days a week. Well, OK, they are supposed to deliver 7 days a week - looks like Friday was freaking optional for them.

The bitch of it is, I need to give this to someone who is waiting for it and I keep having to tell them I'ts going to be VERY delayed. See when people hear things like 2 day shipping, it will be here Friday - the though of NEXT WEEK at best, if not the week after that, tends to not be understandable.

I am very much wondering what they hell they will reply on Wednesday when I email them saying "Nope still not here". Sigh. It's very much not making them think "hay I'm going to get prime as well, it's a great deal".

But nothing this last few decades has gone right, so why should this?


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