My birth name was Kurtis Wayne Vallee. I was adopted at the age of 11 months and my parents changed it legally. Interesting note. I have a paper telling basic family history (no names) and the mother was 13 and the father 54. No wonder I was given up for adoption.

I am remembering how I had to hide Moms presents as she would try to get into them. I would bring them over to her place Christmas Eve and we would open them at midnight.

The ancient Goddess looks upon us. We are led to the old ways of worship. The rhyme and chants move me more than the modern words. Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit. I am one with the Mother.

Go south
Examine tree
Take shinny tin foil
Equip shinny tin foil
Go west
Turn on Trump Speech
Use babble fish to translate Trump speech

A proper Canadian Saturday night is sitting on the sofa with your buddies, wearing a toque, eating poutine, watching the Leafs play and killing a two four of Molson Canadian.

Random Dave fact: I once eat 4 tacos and 3 churros for breakfast.

"Meal boxes". So called quality food delivered to your door so you don't have to think about what to cook and how to cook it. All this at 4X or 5X the price of getting the components in the store.

Most of my Instagram and Twitter followers seem to be porn stars or something. I guess I'm just that attractive to women.

Recommended video is a very young child dying a painful death in the hospital. No way I would ever click this. 1.6 million views on it. Why would anyone watch this?

So an advent calendar of 750 ml bottles of whiskey is a bad idea right?

Literally want to kick the person who thinks we need a commentator for a remembrance ceremony directly in the face. Not cool people. Not at all.

"We are aware of issue with MaxTv Stream. We are working to fix this issue as quickly as possible and will update this post when more info is available." - Reason #1 I'm sticking with Shaw Cable. This pops up too often.

Things to do when you work at the help desk. Answer the phone and say "This is Rajeev Singh how many I help you" in a southern US accent.

Last thing ever posted from James PC, "I fond a USB stick in the parking lot, going to plug it in and see what's on it"

Ya know... The Canadian government does not actually send you a link in a text message when they are "reviewing your benefits". I'm also kind of sure the government's web page ends in .gc.ca and not .club LOL.

I'm freaking awesome. You are so lucky to know me. Just saying.

When my dad was in the hospital for the last time, I cleaned the tool chest out. A week later he died. Months after I was fixing a tap and found a bit of paper he had wrote. There was no possibility I missed it when I cleaned out the tool chest. I had emptied it. #Spirits 

Dave fact: I have a degree in business management, electronic repair and advanced video systems. Never worked in any of it for long because I did not want to move to get a job. Also certified for Microsoft office use. I could also type 90 wpm at one time.

It would take too long to list what hurts, but life is still great.

Ya know, I have a good life. I get to see good movies, listen to music and make people's day better. I get to do this every day. I have a great life.

Dang it. My favorite rum is on sale and I don't have the money. Oh well... #firstworldproblems 

Well that was strange. Cops just bothered a guy from my building for having a 6 foot stuffed ape in his truck. Wtf did they think it was?

Oh God oh God I'm so fantastic.

My head hurts! I don't want to go to 711 for an $18 travel sized Tylenol.

Almost always when I see a comment and you wonder "did you watch the FREAKING VIDEO", it's from a game channel. Seems to be something with playing a lot of games and not being able to process verbal communication.

What an interesting thought. Just read "the internet and global connectivity is causing the genocide of culture".

3 times straight people got the LGBTQ+ struggle:
Rush, Nobody's Hero
Rational Youth, Prison of Flesh
Cursi, Inside Out

> I just requested a download of my G+, they said it will take up to several days <


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