My Amazon Firestick. It's working very well and I in the last few days have had hours of fun with it. I'm liking some of the Prime Video shows and movies. There was a version of a doctor who Dalek movie that had sarcastic commentary and I about pissed myself LOLing. 

In any event, the Alexa remote is awesome - just hit the button and ask it to show you something and there it is.

Now this this is about as hot as my stove when I'm making soup, so I don't know how long it will live - but if I get 5 years out of it for $50, then I'm happy as hell. It is also perfect for my dumb TV.

BTW, do NOT plug it into the USB port on the TV for power - it does NOT have enough juice to power the dang thing. Just don't bother. I read several reviews bitching they had to plug it into the wall - well ya think? There is a reason they give you the plug thing to power it... Anyway - I love it.


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