April budget includes all expenses I know about. $111.33 went to food, this includes hot-dogs as a treat day - normally it's bean mix every day all day. There is also a LOT on the credit card including a new vacuum and a few tech toys. Unfortunately about $55 of that went to clothing I can't wear or return. But I found a home for the clothing items - so not a total loss.

Whisky was going to be a less expensive bottle of low grade stuff, but I decided to get get a 26 of Devil's Cut instead of a 26 of Alberta Premium. I'll get more enjoyment out of the Devil's Cut as it's WAY better tasting.

I also had a bit of fun this last month and about $100 of that is on the credit card. Being I had a $305 bonus this month I thought I'd have fun and get the stuff I wanted. There was a $98 overdraft from last month that was paid off by the $305 as well. So I should be keeping ahead unless something blows up.

Extra money next month as well, so all is well.

BTW coffee is $28.90 for coffee with the group out at the mall and $10.00 for coffee at home - I'll wait for it to be on sale as always. I was going to wait to get toilet paper, but there was a good deal so I put it on the card. It was a very good deal.

Should have $20 in airmiles after I get my pills on Thursday. It normally takes 2 weeks to show up in my airmiles account. If I get it in before the coffee goes on sale, I'll use it for the coffee at home. I might actually get 2 large cans of coffee if I get my airmiles in in time. That was the moth after I don't need coffee as well. If it's sealed it will keep that long no problem.


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