Doctor kept asking me "are you OK" while I was in the room to get my injection. I just about said "I have to be, you don't think CFS and Fibro exist". (update: switched doctors to a WAY better one).

Pain originally started 5 hours after eating brown beans and quickly rose to a 9 and stayed there overnight.
The next day I eat some white chicken mean and the pain went up to a 10.

It stayed at a 10 for 2 days. during that time, I went 27 hours before eating again and there was no relief.

I mean the laughable situation of someone who can hardly string words together impersonating a professional righter.

Cephalothrox suck just as much as arachnids.

New cleaning service is $25 an hour. I guess they forgot people in here are poor. Wonder how much the cleaners get paid? Bet its minimum wage.

I'm rather non offensive, so when I get blocked I have to wonder how massive their blocked list is. LOL.

In Africa they put a photo on the package of what is inside for people who can't read. Can you imagine moving to the USA or Canada and seeing a jar of Baby Food? They would think we are monsters.

Years ago, there was an ice cream shop here that was taken over by a discount coffin shop that only lasted 3 months. But you can imagine the look on my face when I went in for a cone.

Today I'm the very model of a modern major-general.

Boohoo someone is pissy today. Awe, poor baby. (No idea what this refers to now LOL)

I've been seeing a lot of people saying exposure to electromagnetic fields cause fibromyalgia and CFS. Honestly after moving into a series of older buildings it got worse.

On Sunday I'll be trying the 24 hour challenge on YouTube - you post a vlog every hour for 24 hours. I'll be going from 4 am on. I don't know if I can do it, but I'm going to give it a go. I have 24 topics lined up to vlog about.
The challenge is to post a vlog every hour for 24 hours and they must be an actual vlog - you have to talk about something. Also, they must be at least 30 seconds long. (I managed to do it BTW).

Honestly, we worry too much about superficial things. The bigger the heart, the better (unless b it's cardiomyopathy; please consult your doctor and heart specialist in that case.) I'll be forever fat, and I rather be happy. Yes, I was being satirical on how society rates image over substance.

I'm so sexy, people feel intimidated when they see me.

Oh, now someone on the internet called me fat. My world is shattered. Lol.

For those we deeply love, it may be difficult being unable to spare them pain and suffering, but they will undergo whatever is to be, but if they undergo it with your love, they are not suffering as much nor are they suffering alone. Keep in mind, when encountering their suffering, that all that is futile is destined for its own futility and will have it to the full. Those who care, suffer with their beloved and are nobler for it. This holds for Jesus as much as anyone you love. The love between us and Jesus cannot be diminished, nor will it undergo alone, for He has already been where we are about to go. Our suffering is at an end, but we have not as yet reached that point. Love is about to begin, and its power has barely been seen, but will soon be seen. As His Body is real food, and His Blood is real drink, His love is real suffering, and we are the remedy for that suffering because we can give the love that is the suffering, the lack, the need to share with others. This sharing is why we exist, and the sharing is why we may enter into union with Him. Do not weep for the suffering, but offer it yourself, or on behalf of another, but give it away, so that He may receive what He gave you in creating you. Speak to Him, and love Him in the midst of your suffering, for the nobility of offering to Him unites us to the end of suffering.

It's amazing how few people know what "free speech" actually is under the law.

Well the android version of chrome just became unusable by visually impaired people I see. Sigh. I can barely freaking use it myself.

What an interesting thought. Just read "the internet and global connectivity is causing the genocide of culture".

Almost always when I see a comment and you wonder "did you watch the FREAKING VIDEO", it's from a game channel. Seems to be something with playing a lot of games and not being able to process verbal communication.

My head hurts! I don't want to go to 711 for an $18 travel sized Tylenol.

Nurse said stay home and die. Kidding. She said see my useless GP. BTW she had a Texas accent. That's interesting. Who would move to Regina from Texas?

Oh God oh God I'm so fantastic.

Had to stop watching season 9 of archer half way through, I laughed do much I got a headache. Omfg the one liners are so good.

Well that was strange. Cops just bothered a guy from my building for having a 6-foot stuffed ape in his truck. Wtf did they think it was?

Should be able to beat drunks who wake you up with a hammer.

Some dude I don't know anything to be let in. Like most I'm not letting you in, if you belong here you have a key.

It would take too long to list what hurts, but life is still great.

Think I can talk someone into a $30 donation for a bottle of rum?

Ya know, I have a good life. I get to see good movies, listen to music and make people's day better. I get to do this every day. I have a great life.

Dave fact: I have a degree in business management, electronic repair and advanced video systems. Never worked in any of it for long because I did not want to move to get a job. Also certified for Microsoft office use. I can also type 90 wpm.

No! The internet police are coming for me. Someone did not like my comment.

When my dad was in the hospital for the last time, I cleaned the tool chest out. A week later he died. Months after I was fixing a tap and found a bit of paper he had wrote. There was no possibility I missed it when I cleaned out the tool chest. I had emptied it. #Spirits

I'm freaking awesome. You are so lucky to know me. Just saying.

I been TV and Internet shopping. I have decided to stay with Shaw. To get what I have now (a LOT of TV) and the speeds I have now on Sasktel is more - To save $40 a month I would have internet that is 110mbs slower down and a third the upload speed. The Upload speed being this fast is important enough to me to spend the $40. As I say to get similar speeds on Sasktel is more money. So Sticking with Shaw.

"We are aware of issue with MaxTv Stream. We are working to fix this issue as quickly as possible and will update this post when more info is available." - Reason #1 I'm sticking with Shaw Cable. This pops up too often.

Last thing ever posted from James PC, "I found a USB stick in the parking lot, going to plug it in and see what's on it"

So it's like -11C and 711 is giving away free Slurpee's?

Things to do when you work at the help desk. Answer the phone and say "This is Rajeev Singh how many I help you" in a southern US accent.
P.S. No one is going to get that reference...

Ya know... The Canadian government does not actually send you a link in a text message when they are "reviewing your benefits". I'm also kind of sure the government's web page ends in and not .club LOL.

"Meal boxes". So called quality food delivered to your door so you don't have to think about what to cook and how to cook it. All this at 4X or 5X the price of getting the components in the store.

Literally want to kick the person who thinks we need a commentator for a remembrance ceremony directly in the face. Not cool people. Not at all.

Most of my Instagram and Twitter followers seem to be porn stars or something. I guess I'm just that attractive to women.

My Instagram is 60% Pusheen pages, 30% Friends and 10% male art nudes.

Random Dave fact: I once eat 4 tacos and 3 churros for breakfast.

Recommended video is a very young child dying a painful death in the hospital. No way I would ever click this. 1.6 million views on it. Why would anyone watch this?

So an advent calendar of 750ml bottles of whiskey is a bad idea right?

Thanks Justin Trudeau, I'm high as fuck right now. Later I'll pay for not but weeee.

A proper Canadian Saturday night is sitting on the sofa with your buddies, wearing a toque, eating poutine, watching the Leafs play and killing a two for of Molson Canadian.

go south
examine tree
take shinny tin foil
equip shinny tin foil
go west
Turn on Trump Speech
Use babble fish to translate Trump speech

"I don't like this person so you should not be subscribed to them", that shit don't work on me - sorry. I watch who I want and be friends with who I want. And I don't care if I don't like someone they like.

My birth name was Kurtis Wayne Vallee. I was adopted at the age of 11 months and my parents changed it legally.

Say so long to this platform soon. April its toast. (RE Google Plus)

Depression can suck the energy right out of you. It took me 15 years to get on the right medication for it. Keep your mind busy as you may know helps. Hugs and hang in there.

And that is it – no more Google Plus posts EVER.


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