Remember me saying I got this wonderful box to stream my stuff on? Well back it went to Amazon the same day I got it.

I allowed it to update and it blew up. Several of the apps said "This app can not run on this device" after I let them update.

I went looking around and it seems this is kind of common for "Android Box" devices. Seems almost all of them have hacked the apps to work on their box and if you allow it to update POOF they stop working as the updated app is no longer hacked.

So I so do not recommend getting one of these things. See even if it has the latest OS, what good is it to me if I can't keep the apps up to date? So Give me my money back. Oh you did give it back - thanks.

So I'm going to wait until April when I get extra money and I'm getting a fire stick. At least I KNOW it will not self destruct on update. It won't be half as powerful as this thing, but it seems they actually work.

I read a review on this same device that after a couple of weeks it went into a boot loop that would not end. That is when the device fails to boot and keeps trying to boot. That don't seem good.

The thing has to work for someone as it has great ratings but I'll never bother with one ever again. The other thing was why have a card reader if it's almost impossible to see on the side? I had to look hard and long to find it. Still to this day have no idea what the maximum size of card it takes as well.

Anyhow, if you love your box, you must be fine with never updating it, but for me this is not an option - I want the apps to be up to date. I check every few days on me devices to see if it needs updates for example. So yeah - I can do other things with my money.


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