The greatest downfall of humanity is its lack of humanity. We have become the beasts of the field. We share nothing and take it all. Millions stave to feed our obsession for things that have no meaning. Most of the world does not have enough of anything and we cry over not getting something we want. Children die all day every day of starvation and we buy more food that we can eat. There is no place on earth that is not polluted in its air and we drive to the corner store for smokes. How many times have you been pissed off that the store was out of your band of something? Now think how many people will never see anything like it in their life? When you celebrate Christmas, know that most of the world does not know about it.

I sit here and drink my coffee. I look around and I see so many different faces with so many different lives. I think that would have been someone else, but by chance I am who I am now. The girl addicted to drugs selling her youth on the corner. The child who fears his father coming home. The young mother who spends hours looking at a razor and wondering. The thug who has never non peace or love. A trucker who has missed most of his children’s growth. The priest who hates in the name of a God who loves. But I am none of these. I am the watcher and I see it all and I see nothing. I am good at listening to you, but I won’t remember. I have words to speak and you do not listen. Another sip of coffee then I move. A brush your shoulder on the way past. You look up at me but do not know me. Soon you will feel the chill of the grave. Soon you will be no more. I am death and I walk with you all your life. You will never know me but will come to me. All lives are a blink, but I am forever. I whispered in the killer’s ear just before the trigger pull. I beckoned just before the thin red line on a mother’s wrist. I led you to the patch of ice on the road at night. These and countless more. I have no hate or love, but I do have time to wait. I work for all the Gods you have prayed to. I am there even if you don’t believe I am. Look away for a moment and I will take your child or you. Before men walked the earth and long after I will be.

John you’re playing solitaire with a deck of 51.

Got the man bits waxed one time. Knew this woman that wanted to practice on a man, and I thought, "this can't be that bad"... I was so wrong... It was only a bit horrible till the scrotum... Trust me - you DO NOT want to have it done... It was more pain than breaking a led... I think she just wanted to see my scream... I need a barber that shaves my neck - this is what I need. I miss the straight razor shaves I used to get. Wow where they nice shaves.

A perfect orb of brilliant beauty. No beginning or end. The embodiment of love itself. Man takes it and throws it like a weapon at each other.

I have a sense of morality because I choose to be a good member of society. I do not have to be "commanded" to do so. I also do not use so called "Laws" in a book to justify doing harm to others. How you act is a choice.

I once was told by a stupid person that he hated stupid people. I told him that was so ironic.

Got a text, "Hay hun what are you doing"?
I Replied, "getting the ass humped off me by Ed".
They replied, "WTF? How could you just out and tell me that"?
I Replied, "Well your brother came over with this big ass bad of killer weed. So you know things just kind of happened".
They replied, "Jake?"
I Replied, "Well yes and when he was done Ed stopped in and ya know".
They replied, "I am going to kill all 3 of you".
I replied, "Then you’re going to have to do Father Ted as well".
They replied, "Who the fuck is that"?
I replied, "Well he won't be a priest for long after tonight".
They replied, "I am getting my gun bitch".
I replied, "That's cool because the cops just drove up for all the noise we were making".
... There were no more replies...

OK the dwarfs are in bondage gear now what?

How the HELL did I get confetti in my undies while I was wearing them? I know I zoned out doing the laundry but WTF?

I have the honey, the paint brush, the gimp mask and the rice - now I just need someone to hold the camera...

Where do you turn when you can't trust your hospital to listen to you? Where do you turn when they ignored the obvious so very many times and it cast the life of someone you love? People wonder when I post like I posted last night, why don't I go to the hospital... Because I don't want to die in a waiting room or on the way home after being ignored. I rather die at home.

Unicorn, "Does the rainbow shooting out my ass make me look gay"?
Bear, "Not any more than my gimp mask makes me look gay".

I am the queen of the ball now!

Ever notice that children can do things to the pets that will get us grownups mulled?

I tried to do planking... Turns out people as fat as me roll quite easy...

Know what "an embarrassment to the community" really is? Someone who hangs out in the park late at night looking to have sex with people they just met. Or someone who thinks that everyone is out to get them because they fail from all the stupid things they do. If you mess up your own life, how is it other people’s fault?

There is this fellow named John.
He seems to want to prove how smart he is.
Yet he keeps doing the stupidest things.
When you try to help John he tries to mess up your life.
If you show him love he will turn on you every time.
Are you a John?

Hello 911, I am out of doughnuts!

Help my bag when threw the shredder my mistake. It was my favorite bag. The one I kept the magic glowing cookies in that no one else could see... Oh wait I took a triple dose of Narco... Guess I will lay on the floor for a while and drool...

Why does a memory card I never used have 2 photos on it? Who's dog is this?

The darkness creeps into your life.
You don't feel it.
You don't see it.
But one day you look at someone and want to desecrate their existence.
The beast has hold and you have no power.
You smell the blood of innocence and taste the ashes of the pure.
Come forth the night and all it's unholy and in human ways.
Come forth the war of good and evil.
Send the destroyer of worlds and crush this existence.
You are the darkness that hides from the light.
You are the child with blood on it's hands.
The dealer and the junkie.
The lamb of slaughter and the knife of ceremony.
Wicked are your thoughts and twisted is your mind.
I loth you and reach for the light.
You can kill this body but my soul is from the light.
I will live forever and you will be no more.
Prays to the Lord of love.
Prays to the Giver of life.

David S Nicholson
Nov. 21, 2013

You just can't help someone who wants to be the victim. They will always turn your love into hate in their minds. I have seen it so many times. It's in my nature to help and to care. So I am drawn to them. I never seem to see it until they lash out and they will. Yet I pray for them. I will just not let them back into my life.

Last time I went to the bar I took an invisible marker and put DIE on my forehead... Oh the looks I got when the black lights came on.

Well that was fun but if they ever luminal my apartment it will look like a disco.


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